Positive Vibes


A journey which started with penning down my thoughts very casually, keeping in mind my observations, experiences in my day-to-day life, which took form of expressing them in a simple language with which everyone could relate and understand, where I could convince them that anything that occurs has a reason behind it and the thought process what I expressed and shared, slowly got me so much positive response, that people started to resonate with them to the extent that they were surprised, that they questioned me that how did I know what were they going through and how did I put their thoughts on paper, which they wanted to express or explain to the world!

In short for some it was an inspiration, for some positive thoughts which helped them to look at a bad situation in a more positive way to learn what the time was trying to teach them.

These culminated thoughts slowly took me down to the path of publishing this book, motivated by so many people who encouraged me to come out with this book and hence this book is before you, hope it inspires, motivates and helps a bit in your journey of life!

I feel that this book is a mirror of a pure mind which will reflect the true image of a person who will look into it and who wants to look beautiful inside out.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. C. D. Ashtikar, Managing Director of Sharayu Prakashan for providing an artistic frame for this beautiful mirror in the form of charmingly published book.

I appreciate the hard work put in by Rajeshri Manish Parmar, my very close friend, in this whole process of publication of this book, right from the inception till its delivery with utmost love and care. I am very glad for her contribution in the making of this book.

Author – Nina Choksey

Publisher – Sharayu Prakashan

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