The Healer

Heather C. Fonseca is a 23 year old Mumbai resident who schooled from the prestigious Auxilium Convent High School, Wadala (W). She graduated from St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) in 2015 going on to the University of Nottingham to earn her Masters degree in Physics in 2016. Presently, she’s preparing herself for pursuing a Ph.d. degree in Theoretical Physics.

Ms. Heather is a natural teacher, having inherited this talent from her mother, a recently retired school teacher. She spent a Semester in 2016-17 as a Teacher’s assistant in her alma mater, St. Xavier’s College, where she also found time to conduct a series of lectures on ‘General Relativity’ for a group of eager-beaver students of the College, not very much younger than herself. Her talent for writing comes from her father who was a very competent journalist in ‘Shipping and Logistics’ for both Indian and foreign news journals and magazines.

Ms. Heather is an extrovert who loves to travel both in India and abroad, seeing new places and making new friends. She displayed a literary bent right from school days, when she not only wrote entire prize-winning plays for Inter-house Dramatics Competitions and for other events including Teacher’s Day, but she also directed and acted in them herself. Being a complete foodie, she also dabbles in cooking, mainly continental dishes, various cakes and other sweet dishes.

Author – Heather C. Fonseca

Publisher – Sharayu Prakashan

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